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We recognize that there’s a certain level of morbidity attached to estate planning.

For this reason, you might not want to get into it until later in life when “passing on” starts to become more and more real.

Trust and Will reviews can change the way you look at estate planning documents.

After all, working with Trust and Will allows you to prepare a trust, will, and guardianship appointment in less unpleasant ways.

Your documents will be structured according to your specific state and federal jurisdiction.

All that’s required for the documents to be drawn up and assessed is to type in the requested info.

Trust and Will Review

trust and will reviews

Despite these troubling times, millions are still making no effort to prepare legal provisions that address what happens to their assets and dependents in the event of their passing.

Trust and Will hopes to change this with their cost-effective, convenient, and secure basic estate planning solutions.

They have been a provider of estate planning document services since 2017.

The company lets you prepare estate plans online quickly and inexpensively.

As for the authenticity of these documents, you don’t have to worry since they’ve been vetted by lawyers who specialize in estate planning.

Their site is also easy to use and navigate; all you need is 30 minutes to finish processing a particular service.

An attorney also doesn’t need to be present when you draft a will, trust, or guardianship appointment.

You can write these compositions at home without consulting a legal expert. Of course, if confusion does arise, the legal team at Trust and Will can review your documents.

They will ensure they’re as robust as possible before they’re finalized. Remember that a low-end attorney-drafted will can set you back $300 to $400.

It’s also not uncommon for prices to soar beyond the thousand-dollar mark where lawyer-drawn-up drafts are concerned.

Trust and Will is here to offer you several economical routes for otherwise costly services.

Who Is This Product For?

Most Trust and Will reviews will agree that the company is best suited for these types of customers:

People With Straightforward Estate Needs

If your estate is relatively small and simple, you’ll want to opt-out of having an attorney draw-up your wills and trusts.

They’ll have you incur high costs that just won’t be practical, given your small estate.

The average homeowner with conventional assets and personal possessions will also find this basic online estate planning provider beneficial.

People With Children

If you have minors, you must make sure they’re taken care of in a worst-case scenario where you are permanently out of the picture.

In cases like these, you want to be able to rely on companies like Trust and Will. 

People Who Still Aren’t “There” Yet

While we all want to be successful enough to afford attorney fees, we shouldn’t have to wait until that time to draft a will or a trust.

Trust and Will provides services structured around your financial capabilities, so waiting shouldn’t be an issue.

That said, there are some scenarios the provider isn’t equipped to handle, and they are:

  • Estate planning involving complex family or financial circumstances
  • Situations that require ironclad confidentiality
  • When you request personalized legal advice from a lawyer

What’s Included?

How you benefit from Trust and Will depends on the product and the specific fee structure you opt for.

For $69, you can prepare a detailed will directing who should look after your kids and what should happen to your assets in the event of your passing.

An additional $60 allows you to create documents for your spouse or partner. You’ll get one year of unlimited updates with the regular service and can keep that going year after year by paying $10 annually.

For just shy of $400, you get the basic trust service. This document detailing the comprehensive plan and transfer of your important assets ensures that probate is avoided.

Add one hundred bucks on top of this, and you also get a trust for your partner.

Unlimited updates are included in the fee for one year, but you’d have to pay $100 to keep it going another year.

For the guardian appointment service that ensures your kids are well looked after in case tragedy strikes, all you’d need is $39 for the basic service.

An additional $10 will include your spouse. Again, unlimited updates for this will be free for an entire year, but you’d have to pay $10 to extend that particular feature for another year.

Finally, Trust and Will allows you to take advantage of a money-back feature in case you’re unhappy with the final documents.

You’ll be given a full refund if you reach within a month of your purchase.

trust and will reviews

Overview of Features

There’s so much Trust and Will offers its customers, from state-specific and lawyer-vetted documentation to a high level of account security and unparalleled customer support.

Plus, they’re all about doing things quickly and efficiently.

  • The “One Percent” Pledge

Affordable estate planning solution is something everyone should have access to.

In alignment with this, Trust and Will has taken the “one percent” pledge, which means they give one percent of their revenues to partner organizations that support the wider access of cost-effective estate planning services.

  • Unlimited Updates for an Entire Year

There’s no limit to the number of times you can update your documents for a year.

You won’t be asked to pay for every amendment of a drafting mistake or addition of a previously overlooked directive.

  • Unparalleled Security

Trust and Will utilizes the level of security used by financial institutions to safeguard and encode all information stored and transferred.

They also promise never to share your information without your express consent.

  • Super Fast Preparation Time

Estate document preparation with Trust and Will takes about 30 minutes.

Compare that to lawyer-led estate planning scenarios, which take five to eight times longer, and you have a huge difference in terms of speed and convenience.

  • Document Review

Loopholes are common in self-drafted trusts and wills. The Trust and Will document review feature means you don’t have to worry about your estate documents being anything less than robust.

That’s all thanks to the company’s team of reviewers who meticulously peruse each page to ensure everything is legally binding.

  • State-Specific Documents

Estate planning document services at Trust and Will are done in accordance with a customer’s state and federal jurisdiction. 

That’s critical in states like Texas and California, where separate rules are governing marital asset disposal.

  • More Affordable Than Working With an Attorney

Estate planning solutions at Trust and Will cost far less than the services of an estate planning lawyer.

This really is to be expected, given that attorneys charge higher in all aspects, including overhead, labor costs, and marketing.

Not to mention, they hold none of the economic advantages of digital service providers.


  • Affordable prices
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Excellent customer chat support
  • Unlimited updates for a year


  • No free updates after the one-year mark
  • Completely hands-off process
  • Lack of phone and face-to-face support

How To Use Trust and Will

You can start by heading over to the Trust and Will landing page and choosing between its three main services.

Wills are perhaps their most in-demand document service. However, you may find the two other options better, depending on your assets and family and financial situation.

Once you’ve chosen a service, you will need to create an account using Facebook or Google.

Make sure your password is unique. From there, you will go through a process of selecting options and answering questions, but the site’s easy navigation should make that easy for you.


To ensure that this is one of the most comprehensive Trust and Will reviews, we searched for another provider so that you have another option.

trust and will reviews
Image Source: Top Ten Reviews

Total Legal earned the Better Business Bureau’s accreditation in 2003, which makes it an excellent choice for those who aren’t swayed by the large number of stellar Trust & Will reviews online.

What can we say? Sometimes, not even the most comprehensive basic estate planning services are enough.

The most notable features of Total Legal are:

  • Monthly Subscription Plan

One thing that Total Legal has that Trust and Will doesn’t is a monthly subscription plan.

For a little shy of $10 a month, you get access to a complete range of legal services, including lawyer-vetted documentation, consultation, and unlimited updates for a year.

  • Easy Document Creation

Highlighted by most Trust & Will reviews is the website’s simple and easy document creation. Total Legal has this, too.

It allows you to breeze through a series of questions for document completion. You can then download or print these documents.

  • Legal Help Center

This is another area where the company shines. Total Legal offers outstanding email and call support for those who need guidance.

  • Discounted Services

You can get a discounted price of basic services like preparing a will with a trust.

  • Vault Storage

You can also securely store information using the vault storage feature, where storage is practically limitless.

  • Business Planning Documents

Total Legal’s biggest advantage over Trust and Will is that it’s not just limited to estate planning.

The company also provides DIY business planning documents to offer one of the most comprehensive and affordable packages by any online estate planning document service provider.

trust and will reviews

FAQs About Wills and Trusts

1. What is better a will or a trust?

A will and a trust are so often confused for one another. However, we have to remember that living trusts hand down property beyond the probate court.

Once the trust has been established, there won’t be a need to pay attorney and court fees.

The property can be handed down to the named beneficiaries right away.

Wills, on the other hand, cannot bypass the probate court. They are also cheaper to set-up than trusts and can only take effect after you have passed on.

Trusts allow you to manage assets better but are pricier, more difficult to set-up, and require active management.

There is no such thing as wills being better than trusts, or vice versa.

At the end of the day, it all boils down to which is more suitable for your particular family and financial circumstance.

2. What are the disadvantages of a trust?

Some of the major downsides of a trust center on its structure and restrictions.

The structure of a trust is so complex that it can lead to people encountering many problems when borrowing.

It’s also expensive to set-up and maintain and limits the powers of the trustees.

3. How much does it cost to do a trust and will?

The thoroughness of a trust means that its average cost is higher than a will.

While a simple attorney-drawn will would cost anywhere from $300 to $400, a trust from the same low-end scale will set you back at least a thousand bucks.

However, it’s not unusual to find trusts that are priced at $1200 to $2000. The same goes for wills, which can cost as much as $1200, depending on your directives’ complexity.

Of course, these prices are scaled way, way down when you draft these documents yourself using an online will and trust maker.

In situations that don’t involve financial or familial complexities, such is usually the more suitable choice. 

Is Trust and Will Legit?

This Trust and Will review should be enough to convince you of the company’s legitimacy.

Of course, if you don’t quite believe in them yet, there are tons of other Trust and Will reviews online that should sway you in their favor.

The company has so much going for it, from attorney-vetted documentation and outstanding customer support to superior account security and free updates for a year.

It’s arguably one of the best providers of basic estate planning documents online.

You can prepare trusts, wills, and guardian appointment documents comprehensively at an upfront cost that’s significantly lower than hiring an attorney.

You can also amend or add to your documents as often as you like for a year without being charged.

The Trust and Will site is easy to use and navigate, so you should have no problem having your questions answered or finishing up a particular service process.

The most it will take is 30 minutes (we’re not even kidding). That’s six times faster than the 180-minute fiasco you could find yourself in if you have a document drawn up by a trusts and estates attorney.

trust and will reviews

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